Sunday, January 30, 2011

Making it Easy to Hate Manchester United

I didn't see the FA Cup game last night (sorry, 1am, Monday morning, would've had to go to the pub, it was Notts County FFS), so I can't comment too much on a rather disappointing but ultimately not-catastrophic result for City (Game time and a goal for Dzeko in very English conditions surely a good sign?).

Aside from a Mark Hughes-marshalled Fulham demolishing Tottenham 4-0, the big news for me was that non-league Crawley Town have been drawn away to Manchester United in the fifth round. As the BBC say, it's the first time in 17 years that a non-league team have reached this stage, and to draw Manchester United at Old Trafford must just be dream stuff for them. Have a listen to Crawley Town manager Steve Evans describing the excitement, and indeed the honour he feels to be able to go up against Fergie, also from Glasgow, (whom he describes as) the "greatest manager in my lifetime". I've been a supporter of non-league football for a while (C'mon Hyde!) and I know what a positive difference a game like this (or indeed City's investment in Hyde) can make to the fans, players and long-suffering directors of a non-league football club.

It came as somewhat as a surprise, therefore, to see the following thread started by a friend of mine on good ol' Facebook this morning. Take a look, and let us know what you think.

If there's a positive, then it's that much of the abuse directed at the initial poster (my huffing and puffing notwithstanding) is from other, more rational-thinking Man United fans. Some of whom are even from Manchester.

Good on Crawley, and good on those football fans who maintain a sense of perspective when we watch the game we love.

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