Monday, March 15, 2010

Where are they now: Danny Tiatto

"As far as I'm concerned, Danny Tiatto doesn't exist." – This was the famous quote by Kevin Keegan as Danny’s city career began to wind down. After wearing the sky blue for over 139 appearances he was known for his hardman-like attitude and ill-discipline. He wasn't a bad player by any means – he won the player of the season award in 2000-01 – but it was his temper he was most noted for, such as the time he lashed out at a water bottle after yet another sending off.

Danny then made the move to Leicester City, winning the player of the year award in 2005 voted by the supporters. After becoming the club captain Danny then made his way back to home soil to play for the Brisbane Roar.

After three seasons playing for Brisbane Roar and scoring twice, Tiatto was fell out with the coach (Danny getting in an argument? Never!) and made the move down to Victoria to play in the state league for the Melbourne Knights. He may still yet make a return to domestic football in Australia with rumours suggesting that he will sign a one year contract with the new Melbourne A-league team Melbourne Heart.

Throughout his career he has shown 110% on the field and refused to change his playing style. He scored 15 times during his 18 years of his senior career and played for the Australian national side 23 times.

He was the player that made me become a Manchester City supporter and helped exposed me to all the wonderful things to do with this club.

So Danny, thank you.

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