Monday, March 1, 2010

Etihad Coming Home comp — Not starring the Sydney Blues

The finalists for the Etihad Coming Home comp have been announced, and as expected, we were not on the shortlist. Quite simply, we left everything too late, and were banking on being accepted right at the end, when most of the entries would have been submitted. I blame Gav for never being available to shoot the bits in front of the Opera House... ;)

If you haven't already seen it, here is the (unsuccessful) entry:

It's a little bit disappointing when you go to such an effort of filming a whole match (twice), then having to sit through the resulting footage for the couple of clips you need, as well as shooting other bits and working on a script and all the rest of that — only to be denied by someone with a sob-story, a photo, and a few paragraphs that would have taken fifteen minutes tops.

So who do we get behind? My vote's going to Paul Dallavalle from Melbourne — a true blue who was committed enough to come up for the Australian Blues Weekend. Best of luck Paul.

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