Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tour Duty: Chelsea (Away)

There was only one thing on everyone’s lips and that was the Bridge/Terry saga. Even though city were playing away, it was a home game for myself only having to travel 40 minutes by tube. Fulham Broadway was the last stop on the way to Stamford Bridge and it was packed with fans from the Russian Empire, I felt a little out of place but it just added to the experience.

I didn’t really have any expectations before kick off but I would have been happy to take a draw. My seat was nicely placed in row 2 of the upper tier and I have to thank a particular celebrity poster from the forum ‘Bluemoon’ for helping me with a ticket.

The paparazzi were in full force as Wayne Bridge approached John Terry for the handshake and as Wayne ignored Terry’s hand a chorus of boos rang around Stamford Bridge. I must say that this shows the true class of Chelsea fans considering his done nothing wrong and was a loyal servant for their club.

The game started and the city fans were in full voice from kick off. It was a tactical battle from the get go and Chelsea took the lead from a typical Lampard strike. After the goal we started singing the chant of ‘34 years and we’re still here’ and at that moment I just felt so proud to be a blue. Little did I know what the football gods had in store for me on this afternoon in London when Tevez made a dazzling run around the defense and put the ball in to the back of the net just before half time.

The second half truly came to life with great goal to Bellamy, a red card, another goal for Tevez, another red card, another goal for Bellamy and another goal for Fat Frank. For my first away day I don’t think I’ll be able to top that for quite some time.

As I walked out of the stadium and got back onto the tube with the thousands of Chelsea fans I couldn’t help but smirk the whole way home. Karma has a funny way of coming around to bite you in the ass, so to all them Chelsea ‘fans’ that decided to boo Bridge during the game, I think karma just bit yours.


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