Friday, February 12, 2010

We've Only Been Semi-Interested

The recent weeks since the loss to "you-know-who in the, you-know-what" has seen the entire Manchester City Football Club feel a bit flat. A couple of poor performances on the pitch, despite sneaking a win or two, some very quietly spoken executives and a disheartened feel amongst the fans.

Many fans are of the belief that City, as a club, was so invested in the Carling Cup semi final that we are forgetting that there is life after death! The players have obviously felt the toll of the physical and emotional burden as our performances over the last couple of weeks have been less than enthusiastic. We were horrible against Hull, sub-par against Portsmouth and boring against Bolton. With big games coming up we must find a way to shake the hangover.

The cure? Stoke.

We've two games in a short space against the club who are the butt of many jokes, but often the bane of teams higher up the league than them. City has a chance to really right the ship in the next few days (not that 5th place and cup semi-finalists is really a bad place to be) as we look to push ahead of Liverpool, and deep into our second cup of the season.

The players, and fans, need to realise that although we all invested a lot in the matches against United they are gone, but the promise of so much more than the 'Mickey Mouse Cup' lies ahead. With our games in hand and an upcoming fixture against Liverpool we have the chance to push forward and take the Champions League spot that is on offering. Another quarter-final appearance would put the belief in a Blue Wembley right back in the hearts and minds of the City faithful and the silverware may yet come this year.

So to all the Blues across the land and world pick yourselves up, lift your head high again and get ready because the ride is only starting. When we are knocking certain red teams out of the Champions League next year we wont even remember that little cup United have so often slated. The focus has to be ahead and with so much more on the line it would be foolish of City to let any mistakes or misfortune from the season ruin what could be our best finish in many, many years.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Sydney in a week!

Brendo the Jet

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