Sunday, February 14, 2010

City fans spotted at Sydney FC v Melbourne Victory - can you help?

A couple of the Sydney Blues decided there'd be no better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than with a bout of live football... and the Sydney FC v Melbourne Victory game definitely did not disappoint.

At a drizzly Sydney Football Stadium (probably accounting for the slightly disappointing crowd of just over 25k) the stage was set for one of the most important games of the year. If Sydney could overcome Melbourne then they would lift the 'Minor Premiership' (ie finish top of the league before the A-League finals series starts) and not only put one over their Victorian rivals, but also put them in the box seat for an assault on the A-League crown itself.

Sydney FC Vs. Melbourne Victory is always a bit tasty and whilst 'soccer' isn't the most watched code of 'football' over in Oz, the fans are surprisingly passionate. To this end there always are plenty of flares, fighting (in this case inside the stadium with the Police!), singing, dancing, scarves and yesterday was no disappointment. Not that I condone a bit of a ruck with the fuzz, but watching the idiots getting pepper-sprayed, tasered and kicked out along with a cameraman slipping in the mud is all part of the fun.

As for the game itself, Sydney played well and sealed victory with a cracker of a goal from Jean Aloisi just after half time to take the game and the Premiership plate 2-0. Also on the scoresheet this weekend was a certain Terry Cooke for North Queensland Fury (also the club currently hosting Robbie Fowler until his falling out with the manager a couple of weeks ago).

Intriguingly, spotted from our vantage point was this season's Third kit, belonging to a City fan that we have yet to meet in our travels and travails around Sydney. Furthermore, on viewing this blog post again we've noticed directly behind him is a chap in this season's Home shirt. Surely, if you live in Sydney and are a Blue, you know about the Sydney Blues, right?

These people were sat in Bay 38. We'd like you to get in touch if you could, so we can ask "Where the bloody hell are ya?"

If you know who of either of the mystery duo are - please get in touch or leave a comment below!

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