Monday, February 1, 2010

Supporters' Club 5-a-side... confirm your interest!

Just a follow up from the last post about the 5-a-side tournament, we're trying to get definite, confirmed numbers as soon as possible... we're need to see if there is demand for a second side, and we're looking into the possibility of maybe getting shirts or something made.

Football ability is not an essential requirement. We're not it in to be massively competitive... we will be there to meet fellow Blues, get on the beers, and sing. So if you have the tactical awareness of Benjani or the tackling ability of Martin Petrov, it's ok.

We're not after payment or anything, that will be on the day.

Supporter's Club 5-a-side Tournament Details
Date: Sunday 21 February
Time: 10:00am
Location: Harbord Bowling Club, near Manly
Cost: $180 per squad, so no more than $20 each

If you can confirm you are good to play, please send an email to saying you are in, and you'll be added to list in this post.

This will be the only way I will accept nominations... telling me in person at Cheers will not suffice, as I am most likely drunk and WILL forget. At a stretch, writing on my Facebook wall will suffice.

Confirmed players:
Brendo the Jet
Underage Georgie D
Joshua L from Melbourne
Andeh J the Manc (party of five)
Nathan C
Benny G

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