Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Well, That's One Beer I'll Never Drink Again...


It appears that the Thai beer has done a "reverse-Tevez" and signed for Manchester United in a three-year deal. There is also mention of this on the Rag's OS (click at your own peril).

However, as of this morning, the company still appears as a sponsor on our Official Site (right down the bottom of the page). It will be interesting to see whether Singha will continue their association with City as well — considering there are still plenty of City fans that refuse to deal with Sharp, Vodafone, or AIG.

Anyone who has ever been to the stadium and sampled the lager can hopefully look forward to a new brand this season... thankfully.

EDIT FROM GAV: It should be noted that other authors of this blog who have the slightest idea about marketing will point out that it absolutely makes sense for a brand to sponsor both teams across a rivalry, just to stop such a "boycott" situation occurring.  E.g. Rangers and Celtic always have the same shirt sponsor, and there are many other similar cases.  By all means don't drink it because you may think it's pish, but that's it.  It also should be noted that the original author of this piece does indeed have a phone on Vodafone :)

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